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Executive Protection

Athena's Executive Protection (Female Bodyguards) Course is the next generation in personal Security training.  Our training course has been adapted to meet particular training and educational requirements that are specialized to female students and their role within the Executive Protection Industry. female bodyguard service


Some of the topics taught in the Executive Protection Program are: female bodyguard service

-Principles of Executive Protection.

-Covert Protective Details.
-Code of Conduct for Security Professionals.
-Solo Protector and in a Detail.
-Protective Security escort.
-Use of Force.

-Surveillance and Counter-surveillance tactics.
-Protective Intelligence tactics.
-Analyzing Terrorist tactics, Counter-Terrorism awareness.
-IED awareness.
-Basic Pistol Training and Firearms Safety
-Event and Estate Security planning.
-Celebrity Protection
-Stalkers awareness.
-Dealing with Media and Paparazzi
-Behavioral Intelligence and Attack Recognition


***Athena Academy maintains the right to decline with no further explanation of any training application.***  female bodyguard

***Athena Academy maintains the right to change training topics, curriculum, and instructors according to class needs until the first day of class.*** female bodyguard service

***The 8-day residency training is physically demanding, therefore, all participants will be required to send a letter from your physician indicating you are fit enough to participate before your registration in the course will be confirmed.*** 

***All participants must send us a criminal background showing a clean record.*** female bodyguards

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