Training Courses 

We offer Women’s Self Defense Training, Security Oriented Training Classes, Female Executive Protection (Bodyguards) Classes, and Safety courses designed with the most urban situations in mind. female bodyguard service

What makes Athena Worldwide & Athena Worldwide so different is that our training curriculum takes into consideration the different learning styles of women. Studies have shown that women learn differently than men. We have designed our curriculum to overcome the learning barriers women sometimes face in co-ed courses. Our training curriculum is written and peer-reviewed by world-renowned experts in their field based on reality-based situational experience. This specialized curriculum is then taught in a format that ensures the highest material retention rate. female bodyguard service

In addition, our courses are taught by real-world protective specialists and tactical operatives.  Our training cadre is a mixture of Security specialists with backgrounds in protecting some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, executives and dignitaries. The methods taught at Athena Worldwide & Athena Academy have been battle-tested time and time again and have proven to be among the most real-life training material available today. female bodyguard service

Our training and curriculum put a huge emphasis on a "know-before-you-go" mentality and sensitive perception with situational awareness. We teach you how to anticipate, de-escalate and escape life-threatening situations. 
female bodyguard service



Female Executive Protection Operative (EPO)/Female Bodyguards 


Child Protection Specialist

Female Self-Defense

Urban Awareness 

Safety Courses for Models, Celebrities, Executives, Secretaries, Journalists, Flight Attendants 

Crisis Management

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

Intelligence Analysis


Conflict Management

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments 

Armed & Unarmed Tactical Training

Tactical Firearms

Tactical Medical-First Aid Training


      ***Additionally our instructor’s team can design a training course according to clients needs.***

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Executive Protection

Athena's Executive Protection (Female Bodyguards) Course is the next generation in personal Security training.  Our training course has been adapted to meet particular training and educational requirements that are specialized to female students.


Some of the topics taught in the Executive Protection Program are:

-Principles of Executive Protection
-Code of Conduct for Security Professionals
-Solo Protector and in a Detail
-Protective Security escort
-Use of Force

-Surveillance and Counter-surveillance
-Protective Intelligence tactics
-Analyzing Terroristic tactic

-IED awareness
-Basic Pistol Training and Firearms Safety
-Event and Estate Security planning
-Celebrity Protection
-Stalkers awareness
-Dealing with Media and Paparazzi
-Behavioral Intelligence and Attack Recognition


-Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

-Conflict Management


"Athena Academy's Executive Protection Course complies with the minimum requirements of the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau to issue all three of the registrations needed to work in the State of Texas. The three registrations are Unarmed Officer, Armed Officer and Personal Protection Officer (In Conjunction with White Star Consulting LLC, License F01244)."

***Athena Academy maintains the right to decline with no further explanation any training application.***  

***Athena Academy maintains the right to change training topics, curriculum, and instructors according to class needs until the first day of class.***

***The 8 day residency training is physically demanding therefore all participants will be required to send a letter from your physician indicating you are fit enough to participate before your registration in the course will be confirmed.*** 

***All participants must send us a criminal background showing a clean record.***

The demand for women in the Security industry and Female Bodyguards is growing, so if you aspire to be a Female Executive Protection Specialist/Female Bodyguard or wish to start a new career in the Security industry now is the time.


Athena Academy helps females learn how to become professional Executive Protection Operatives.


Our programs are unique, challenging, and innovative. We provide specialized training using a combination of former Special Forces, Counter-Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism Operatives.


What makes Athena Academy so different is that our training curriculum takes into consideration the different learning styles of women. Studies have shown that women learn differently than men and based on that we have designed our curriculum to overcome the barriers to learning women sometimes face in co-ed courses.


Our training curriculums are written by different professionals according to their work expertise and geared toward reality-based situational scenarios.


This specialized curriculum is then taught by our instructors in a format that ensures the highest material retention rate for our students.