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Would Models Benefit From Female Bodyguards?

Models under attack?

It seems to be that people who belong in modeling industry are dealing with the ever increasing  risks of being in the lime light.  They are victims of attack, some times they get away with simple injuries but other times their life has been seriously threatened and careers destroyed.

Starting with the story of a 25 years-old famous model and television presenter who has meet her future abuser and rapist on a social networking website. It is very common for people today to chat and flirt using the web. It is easier for them making socials relationships in that way. But is not the safest way if you re not aware and prepared to protect yourself. In the case of the 25 years-old model from London, she was beaten badly and raped by a 33 year-old Daniel Lynch who was also a martial arts expert. After a few days the abused woman had to suffer for the second time.  Her second abuser known as Stefan Silvestre approached her and he threw on her a cup of sulphuric acid  causing severe burns to her face that has destroyed her beauty and disfigures her for the rest of her life. Some of the acid got her in her neck and caused her seriously damages as the acid split her throat. You can read more about this here.  Both of her abused committed they were obsessed with the model, a threat that many celebrities has deal with and many of them will experience. In this case we can realize the importance of a woman being well trained in self awareness tactics. People like her abusers can be very easily identify, the fact is how seriously they will be deal and what kind of acts will be adopted from a woman in order to prevent those attacks.  

At ATHENA Academy, we teach women how to be aware in different dangerous situations, being aware means you are prepared for an incoming attack.  Two-thirds of the attacks on women could be avoided if they were trained and be prepared. In another case that happened also in London, but luckily wasn’t so dramatic, a well known model and former UK Big-Brother contestant, Danielle Lloyd, during her nightlife exit with her footballer boyfriend and some friends at Crystal Nightclub, she was attacked by two women and thrown to a table with glass bottles causing her seriously cuts and damages. The two women were arrested and bailed until July with charges of causing grievous bodily harm. The same victim, earlier that month was assaulted before and punched in face in a club by a woman that belongs to her boyfriend Jamie O’Hara ex- girlfriend.  Read more here.  In this case we see a celebrity that was threatened before, what could she do?  Being aware, in cases like this when we are dealing assaults we should be prepared for another one. Call for help, professionally help that can analyze the level of the threat and consult you, train you or even provide you personal protection. At the next part of the world, Canada’s Next Top Model, 22 years-old Andrea Muizelaar, experienced a nightmare during her cruise in the Caribbean at 2008, she and her friend were attacked in daily time, 1:30 in the afternoon, in an area nearby a police station. The two attackers held first to her friend, punching him in the head and threat him with a knife in his throat, after they assaulted the young model and caused her many bruises.   See more here

Female bodyguards are one easy answer for those in the modeling industry.  Not only can female bodyguards offer peice of mind but they also do a great job of blending in and not drawing undo attention.  Remember, its when an attacker knows where you are that your chances of confrontation increase.  Female bodyguards also have the ability to be looked at as just “another girlfriend” when models are out on the town.  We can keep a low profile and be ever watchful of our surroundings as we are trained to do.  

Denida Zinxhiria, CPSS

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