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When a woman spars against a man in a mixed fight in any combat sports, the woman usually wins the bout in about 75%, some gifted women go to 90%.

At the first glance, this looks paradoxal as the men are supposed to be stronger, but when you take a closer look at it, this finding doesn’t look so strange at all. It seem to have an answer.

For this to happen, the male and the female contenders must be evenly matched, in terms or size, weight, skill and level of experience. When the contenders are not evenly matched and especially if the male outclasses the woman, she has little chance to win. Our hypothesis says that the two are evenly matched.

Then, there are many factors that add up in favor of the female contender. We are going to review them, one after one, in order to have a better insight of the question. They do have a cumulative effect.


1) When they fight, men rely often of raw force, women more on technique;

2) Women have a tendency to fight with the lower half of their body, pelvis, legs and feet. Men with the upper half. A kick’s power is about thirteen times the one of a punch. Legs are longer than arms. In combat sports, like judo, wrestling or ju-jitsu that include ground work, once the woman has put on the ground her male opponent, she is able to anull any kind of weight advantage that he may have over her. Technique prevails then. The center of gravity of the woman is lower than for the male and this helps her too here, she is less prone to lose equilibrium and fall herself.

3) Women display greater suppleness and agility than men. The woman is able to avoid the more powerful blows of her male opponent while she scores at the same time less powerful ones on his body. Very powerful blow that miss are useless. Much less powerful blows that hit are paying. The joints of the women are more supple and they can allow more movement. Women have more supple joints and ligaments than men because they are supposed to give birth. At the birth of a baby, the pelvis dilates itself a little bit thanks to the suppleness of the female joints.

4) Women are less energy consuming organisms than men. Female muscle can achieve the same amount of work with less consumption of energy. The female organism is very efficient in terms of energy consumption. It is a fact that women are more resitant than men to fatigue and exhaustion. Look at any aerobics class. You may see the males give up before the end of the class and almost never a female. Women are more endurant. Women are more resistant to pain and diseases than men. They live longer. These are facts long admitted.

5) Woman fighting is very cost effective. Women rely a lot on powerful and swift counterattacks.

6) Women usually fight to survive, men mostly to show off. Their motivations are different.

7) Women never give up when they fight and are often more vicious .

8) In nature, all animal females are efficient fighters. They have the role, as mothers, to be able to fight to protect their young ones which represent the future of the species against all enemies and dangers. They have even sometimes to fight to protect them against a male predator of the same species. They are indirectly responsible of the survival of the species as a whole. Look at a lioness. Look at the humble chicken becoming a fury to protect her young chicks. It seems that the female of the Homo sapiens species, our species, the living being known as the woman, has inherited from Mother Nature this efficient fighting ability that all the females of other species have. She is in no way inferior to them in her mission of protecting her young ones.

This discussion is an attempt to explain why the females win the majority of their mixed fights in all combat sports. When there are not enough female contenders, and you have by force an unisex competition, the women do more than ok versus the men. In the United States recently, girls have won state titles in college wrestling in men divisions, Wisconsin and Alaska for example.

Georges Michel Physician and Journalist Port-au-Prince, Haiti, WI.

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