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Princess Eugenie mugged by bandits in Cambodia

In the following case you will read, it is very clear that the bandits cited in this article did not know who the Princess was when making the attack.  Also, you will read how the bodyguards were not known to be there.  The bodyguards were sticking true to remaining in the shadows until needed.

By Louisa Pilbeam of the Mirror

Princess Eugenie was caught up in a terrifying mugging while on her gap-year travels, it was revealed last night.

The Queen’s granddaughter had to be rescued by two bodyguards who saved her from a gang of bandits as she was travelling though Cambodia.

The 19-year-old princess’ ordeal reportedly began as she and two female friends were strolling at night in the country’s capital Phnom Penh.

When one of the friends got her purse out, the mugger grabbed it, thinking the girls were just backpakers and unaward that the bodyguards were nearby.

The royal protection officers immediately tore into action and rugby-tackled the thug as his accomplice began pelting them with rocks.

They grabbed the purse but let the mugger go in order to get Eugenie and her friends to a place of safety.

A Buckingham Palace source is said to have later confirmed the incident and praised the bravery of the SO14 Special Branch officers.

The incident follows a recent row over the £100,000 bill to keep Eugenie safe while she goes on her travels.

It is the first time in 10 years that SO14 officers have had to step in to stop a direct threat to a Royal.  

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