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Free Female Self Defense Course By Athena Academy LLC (July 2nd, 2011, Atlanta, GA)

The first thing that mostly came up in peoples mind when they hear ‘’Personal Safety’’ is martial arts or firearms training. By being a Close Protection Operative the last 10 years I had the chance to attend in many training courses available to improve my skills. The conclusion I came up with is that preparation and prevention can be your number one tip for your personal safety. 

We know that only in some cases women are ultimately stronger than a man. Yes, there are examples of men being weaker, but generally speaking, we will say this is not the case. So, the aim is to help women think differently and a bit more strategically. We don’t have to learn to beat someone down, we have to learn where we should be, or what we should do so we don’t end up in a situation where violence is likely to occur. We have to learn to speak up when you are not comfortable –being vocal will scare the daylights out of a perpetrator.

We should not accept our environment, rather, we should shape it and learn where we should be and where we should not. We can take control just through our posture and by thinking, “I won’t be a victim,” and then not allowing it to happen. I would also like for people to consider what kind of environment they do want and then go out and seek such.

No one can offer you a 100% safe environment, someone can attack you because he has the opportunity to do it. By being trained and self warned you get this opportunity from him to attack you. According to statistics more than 2/3 of the attacks against women could be prevent if they were trained in simply and basic self defence tips. 

At Athena Academy, we are not looking to make you martial arts athletes, you can’t get adequate knowledge in martial arts for your self defense in courses that last just some hours or days. Martial arts athletes are used in getting and giving punches, kicks, etc, but not our common public. Our certified male and female instructors have many years experience in different martial arts techniques and they are professionals in close protection, and in security industry. We design a unique pioneer program having as our goal to teach the average woman how to protect herself. Some of the topics you will be taught are:

Being aware while walking on street. Being aware while shopping. Keeping alert. Avoid routine. How to prepare yourself for an attack and teaching you how to react. Dressing conservatively. How to use simple hits, where to hit the attacker- target points in human body. Using simple weapons to strike. Safety when using public transportations. Car security. Body language, how to look more confident. Using verbal strategies. Profile of a rapist: – Types of rapist Profile of a stalker. Profile of an abuser. Safety in Cyberspace. Safety tips for women travelling alone. Safety tips at home Safety tips for your children. Date safety tips. Safety tips for single women Safety tips when you move in a new neighbourhood. Purse Snatch

Our 1st goal is to teach you how to behave in different situations and prevent a bad ending, or even worst a harmful and deadly attack. This is why our courses are mostly based in prevention techniques. 2nd you will learn simple but effectively tips in how to react under attack.

Athena Academy LLC is offering  this FREE SELF DEFENSE COURSE to women, on July 2nd in Atlanta, GA.

Contact us now at:  to book your participation, there are only limited places available. 

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