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Close Protection Operatives Course, Crete Island, Greece, May 26th-June 2nd, 2012

Athena’s Close Protection Operative certification is the next generation in Close Protection training. Our course has been adapted to meet the particular training and educational requirements, specific to those students who are interesting to enter close protection operatives profession.

Basic Training: Level 1

Including: -Principles of Executive Protection/Code of Conduct -Solo Protector & in a Detail -Physical Security -Protective Escort -Surveillance & Countersurveillance -Protective Intelligence & Advance Operations -Armed and Unarmed Combat/Krav Maga -Anti-Terrorism (identification and and the terrorist cycle) -Improvised Explosive Device -Basic Pistol Training & Firearms Safety -Event & Estate Security -Behavioral Intelligence and Attack Recognition -Dealing with Media & Paparazzi -First Aid & CPR/AED

Our instructors are from Greece, UK and the United States. They brings ATHENA students unparalleled real world experience in protective service operations. Instructors that have served Prime Ministers, celebrities, CEO’s and other influential leaders will be teaching you. We have an excellent success rate and once the course is completed we continue to work with our students to progress their development and assist their entry into the Close Protection world.

To learn more please visit:

For applications please e-mail:

Athena Academy official FB page:

Course cost is 1.100 euros ($ 1.500) and includes all training fees, accommodation with breakfast, transportation and tour on the island.

There are also payment schedules available to those who qualify. Deposits for this course are $600, and full course fees paid 3 weeks before starting date.

Application date open until April 30.

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