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Another Philippine Bodyguard Shot but Alive! Could Protective Intelligence Have Helped?

It was reported today that on the 31st of December a hail of gunfire aimed at a female casino financier.  A full magazine was unloaded on the principal and her bodyguard landing them both in the hospital but they are still living.

Maritess Amit, 46, remained in critical condition last night and her bodyguard, Allan Berjame, 48 was treated for gunshots to his back and other parts of his body.  Amit’s family asked her to stay home as there were rumours that she was to be robbed.  The attackers are still at large and were reported to be wearing white t-shirts while riding a motorcycle with no license plate according to witnesses.  The attack took place during the mid afternoon at a fast food outlet.

The lesson once again is that protective intelligence could have avoided this situation.  We are not drawing conclusions as we are only privy to a small amount of information.  But, again this is the third occurrence in just one month.  The other two incidents were deadly to the bodyguards.  Protective intelligence is using information that is gained through protective intelligence operations to keep the client safe.  All too often we are seeing close protection not getting involved in procuring, sifting and managing intelligence that they either already have or could have if they would perform simple operations such as counter-surveillance operations.  Vulnerability assessments are necessary to also keep intelligence up to date.

It should be said that there should be NO shortcuts when it comes to human life!

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