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Nannyguards are Your First Line of Defense




The world’s first category-creating hybrid nanny/manny with Security Awareness training offered only by Athena Worldwide & Athena Academy since 2008 Internationally.  We provide nannies and mannies with an unparalleled level of situational awareness through our intense training held at our training centers. 


Nannyguards is a premiere and elite company that not only can help find Nannyguards for families but also teach Nannies and Mannies new skills that take their expertise to a new level.

Not only does a nanny or manny go through an extensive background investigation by our contracted private investigation firm, but they go through an intensive course that teaches them skills to provide above-average ability to protect the children in their charge.


NANNYGUARDS and MANNYGUARDS work for celebrities, sports stars, CEOs, traveling families, and everyday average families who understand the need for a NANNYGUARD® goes beyond celebrity status. They are experienced nannies with specific training in the protection of children from intentional and unintentional acts of harm.  They may work for a family as an employee or as the children's bodyguard.


Our program teaches nannies how to protect children as a bodyguard would, in conjunction with their responsibilities as a nanny.  Nannyguards® are free to choose whether to market their skills to Security companies with proper licensing or market themselves to nanny agencies or directly to families in the capacity of a Child Protection Specialist (CPS) or a nanny.

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We are proud to announce Nannyguards has been selected by the Leaders Network team at Meta for our business success story

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