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Athena Academy - Former Student´s Perspective

I have just completed the first part of the new NANNYGUARDS® training offered through Athena Academy.
As this was the first training class of it's kind, geared towards the nanny industry, I was very excited and nervous to participate. Nervous because we knew it would have things in it that would have to be fixed so the following classes could learn from our mistakes and excited to finally have a way to empower myself on the job. However, the training ended up being very on point and even more than I had hoped for.
At the end of each day, there was much discussion about things we would never have thought of, that this class brought to the forefront and really made all the participants think about their daily schedules and duties.
On Monday, following the weekend class, there was talk all across the nanny boards on Facebook about all the ways we were changing our habits and all the information that we were putting in to practice. Simple things, like backing into a parking space, curtains open in certain rooms in the home, driving different routes to school and classes...the changes in our habits were almost instantaneous and have continued throughout the nanny community as we talk about what we learned and how much we are looking forward to continuing the training throughout all the different levels.

Thank you so much for offering this training for our industry and I look forward to joining the next class.

Donna Saunders, Nannyguards® Graduated Student, January 24-25, 2015, Texas USA. Mrs Saunders is working as a nanny the last 28 years. 

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NannyGuards and Athena Worldwide LLC and in particular, Denida Zinxhiria proved to be very professional, efficient and very crucial to my multilevel nanny training. The NannyGuard course of Athena Academy gave me not just an extra qualification but a life-saving skill. The valuable awareness of the surroundings and the ability to identify possible threats for the children in my care and for myself. Moreover, she matched me with the right family straight away and I was able to use the theory in practice within months. NannyGuards and Deni took the time to make sure that my placement was rolling successfully and my performance was up to their standards. I would trust their positions placements at all times knowing that they have been checked and double checked. Thank you, NannyGuards. Thank you, Deni.


Iro Irineou, Nannyguards® Graduated Student, October 10, 2010, Athens, Greece. Mrs Irineou is working as a nanny the last 9 years. 



I am a graduate student of both CPO level 1in 2011 and CPO level 2 in 2012.
Before enrolling at Athena I had done my research on several personal protection schools. I either found them to be too expensive or only 3 or 4 day course which just isn't enough time to give someone the knowledge and training one needs to get into this field. What I like about Athena Academy that really separates itself from other schools, is that because they have their courses in levels, it makes it affordable. The classes are small enough so each student is given undivided attention from the instructors. The instructors are professional and extremely knowledgeable in the personal protection field. But more importantly they focus on the advantages and importance females have in this type of male dominated industry. I came out of this training with so much knowledge and confidence that I knew I wanted to pursue this type of career.
With the help and resources from Athena Academy and it's instructors, I have been given job opportunities and am currently licensed and working in Texas. I look forward to pursue more training from Athena Academy including the level 3 CPO course and any other training that is offered.

Stephanie Bausch, Athena Academy Graduated CPO Student Level I in 2011 and Level II in 2012.
Mrs. Bausch is licensed and currently working in Texas.




“I attended the CPO Level One Feb 2012 training, and left it much richer in knowledge and experience. Having had a former Law Enforcement Career I have attended and participated in many specialized courses in the past and found the training provided at Athena  Academy to be one of the “very special” ones. It’s organization is of a very high quality, well thought through and presented professionally. 
There are many “bodyguard” schools out there and claim to teach you all you need to know in a three day weekend including your photo op time, this is not one of those. If you are looking to collect a certificate and expect to sit and listen to someone tell you how great they are and ” I’ve worked for this celeb and that celeb”, then this is not for you. If you expect to participate and demonstrate what you are learning in how to elevate this profession you are engaging in and not feed off of it, then this organization IS FOR YOU. I so look forward to my continued training and association with these professionals and proud to have trained at Athena Academy.”

M Sue Moyer, Athena Academy Graduated CPO Student, March 2012.
Mrs. Moyer is the owner at Gemini West Coast Investigations Inc and you can find her services at


“The Athena Academy course that I attended in Atlanta, Georgia was fantastic. It was challenging and informative. It was also refreshing to find a program taught by women, for women. We ARE a viable part of this industry and graduates of the Athena Academy will prove it. I would recommend this program to any female wanting to break into the close protection industry.”

Jennifer Horn, Athena Academy Graduated CPO Student 2011.
Mrs. Horn currently works as an Instructor, Curriculum Development, SME for  Criminal Justice

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