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Our company's mission is to maximize our client’s safety and minimize the threat level while maintaining professionalism and confidentiality at all times. With our affiliate offices Internationally, we can offer a high standard of trained female bodyguards and other security professionals worldwide to organizations in every aspect of the Security industry, provide alternative Security solutions, consultancy, and training services to private corporations and government entities. female bodyguard service

Founded by Denida Zinxhiria, a female Close Protection Operative (bodyguard) and a group of Security professionals in 2002 in Athens Greece, Athena Worldwide and Athena Academy began with a mission to educate and empower women in personal Security and promote female security professionals. In mythology, Athena was known for her intelligence and prowess in defense. Our organization helps women apply these ideals through professional training to ensure people are safer. female bodyguard service

Athena Worldwide is dedicated to teaching women to think about Security from a new viewpoint.  In the past, organizations have tried to teach women to "even the playing field". We believe this approach ill-equips women to learn strategy overstrikes.  We keep it simple by using a modular "series of systems" designed to fit specific circumstances. The nuances of life affect different people in different ways, so essentially, students pick which applications benefit them the most. We know whats it takes to be a successful female Close Protection Operative (bodyguard). female bodyguard service

Meet Our Team

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Understanding the importance of real-life experience and continuum training Athena Worldwide hires instructors from different parts of the world according to their expertise and experience. We expand and renew our coed instructor’s team according to the needs of our courses.  female bodyguard service

USA Tel: (360) 403 5654  

EU Tel: +30 6942878595


Denida Zinxhiria Grow

Founder & CEO


Denida Zinxhiria Grow is the Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide, Athena Academy, and Nannyguards. She is an International Executive Protection Specialist with over 20 years of experience working in different countries and cultures. In 2002 she founded Athena Worldwide & Athena Academy in Greece. A training and placement company dedicated to female security professionals. In 2008, after working on many security details with HNW families and working security details for children and teenagers, she decided to create Nannyguards. A hybrid service that combines child care with protective services. During her twenty years of experience, she has been leading from different positions such as Executive Protection Operative (both Covert and Overt), Security Consultant and Intelligence Analyst for international clientele in countries such as India, Greece, France, Italy, Albania, and the USA, Instructor for different security training academies, Investigator for Law Firms and Financial Institutions, Auditor and Business Administrator as well as Project Manager for other security companies.
Denida is trilingual (English, Greek, Albanian), holds a BSc in Counselling and Psychology from Teesside University and is trained in various Executive Protection methodologies by British, American, and Israeli organizations. For the last ten years, she has been focusing on Intelligence Analysis, OSINT, and the study of Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication skills.

female bodyguards

USA Tel: (360) 420 4475  

EU Tel: +30 6942878595


Chris Grow

Director Of Operations


Chris Grow is the co founder & managing partner at LeMareschal LLC and is the Operations Director for Athena Worldwide and Nannyguards since 2018. He has 34 years of experience in Senior level Executive Protection, Covert Executive Protection, High Threat, Advances,  Surveillance & Counter surveillance, threat/risk analysis & mitigation, asset securing & transport, weapons training, etc. His team leader  and project management experience comes from military, civilian and corporate training and real-time work throughout his career, both domestically as well as internationally. Chris served with 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Bttn. in the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as spend several years as a private military contractor with Constellis  (Blackwater and Triple Canopy), he is a former firefighter/EMT/Rescue, and has attended numerous private schools/academies for various courses of training. His clients have included the US Dept. of State, US Dept. of Defense, Corporate VIP’s, Dignitaries, Foreign nationals, Fortune 500 executives, Saudi Royal family members and numerous other HNW/UHNW private entities. He has also been an Executive/Personal Assistant for numerous clientele while providing a security mindset. He has extensive multi-cultural experience and works extremely well with diverse circumstances. With his progressive exposure to national and international security, Chris can design and execute risk & threat assessments, and implement security plans and strategies to mitigate risk and enhance clients' security. 


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